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2015 Player Evaluation Information

Players who SHOULD attend evaluations

  • Pinto Jr.
  • Mustang 9
  • 1st Year Bronco
  • 1st Year Pony
  • New PONY league players
  • Players in Pinto, Mustang 10, 2nd Year Bronco, and 2nd Year Pony with a manager/coach that ARE NOT returning or if you DO NOT WANT to return to the same coach/manager.

Players who should NOT attend evaluations

  • Shetland 5U
  • Shetland 6
  • Players in Pinto, Mustang 10, 2nd Year Bronco, and 2nd Year Pony with a manager/coach that IS returning and whom WANT to return to the same coach/manager.
  • Players who's parent is an official Manager or Coach of a team.

Evaluation Day schedules

Saturday January 31st is the ONLY evaluation day for all levels, unless rained out, which will then move to the following Saturday, February 7th.
Please arrive at least a half hour before your evaluation time to register, although the earlier the better so that your player has time to warm-up. If you absolutely can't attend your scheduled time, attend a different session on the same day and field. Players who miss evaluations WILL still be placed on a team, but will NOT eligible to be traded during the draft process.

Players should come ready to play baseball. Evaluations will consist of hitting, infield and outfield drills.

  Sat Jan 31st
Pinto Jr. Pinto Mustang 9 Mustang 10 Bronco Pony
Field                      Sunset 2 Sunset 3 Sunset 1 Sunset 4 Sunset 5 Sunset 6
Last Name Starts With A - H A - M A - H A - M A - M A - M
Time 10:00am -
10:30am -
10:15am -
10:45am -
10:00am -
11:00am -

Last Name Starts With I - Q N - Z I - Q N - Z N - Z N - Z
Time 12:00pm -
12:00pm -
12:15pm -
1:15pm -
12:45pm -
1:30pm -

Last Name Starts With R - Z   R - Z      
Time 2:00pm -
  2:00pm -

Where is Sunset Field?

Coach Registration **NOW OPEN**

The 2015 Spring Baseball Coach Registration is NOW OPEN. Brentwood Pony relies on volunteers to step up and manage/coach teams. Please go here to register: Register

Volunteers Needed!!

Brentwood PONY Needs Your Help!!

BPBL's Board of Directors are actively looking to fill several open positions for the coming 2015 season. Please use the Staff Volunteer form to look over and pickout any job that you'd like to help us out with. Experience and/or expertise not necessary, but appreciated.



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