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Behind the Dish - Umpire Communications Page

BPBSL games are officiated by our In-house Umpire program with youth and adult Umpires learning their trade. Our older divisions, Pony and Colt, are umpired by the Contra Costa Umpire’s Association.

The In-house Umpire program is a educational training program to help youth Umpires learn the art of Umpiring and are trained and coached by CCSUA Umpires and Veteran Umpires from the In-House program. If you are interested in becoming an Umpire for BPBSL, we invite you to contact us! We welcome anyone ages 14-99+

Umpire Uniform purchasing links: 
Umpires must know the local and National Pony Rules. click on the Rules tab.

2024 Spring Umpire Registration is OPEN!! Click HERE

Umpire Registration is open - Click the banner above to submit your registration. If you are an Umpire that has prior experience and training, and are also interested in joining the BPBSL in-house program, please email Evan Proctor


In-House, MLB, Pony National and city Code of Conduct rules page.

Umpire Complaint Box

Have complaints on how the Umpires are calling games or have a complaint about a specific call on the field? Submit Umpire Complaints here!

Umpire Assignment Link

In-House Umpires will use this site to sign up for their games. You will need a log in and password from the league to use this link. Umpires will get access to this link once they complete the Umpire clinic and meeting.

Evan Proctor

Director of Umpires

Umpire Bible

Umpire knowledge base with lots of hints and tips for new and veteran Umpires

Helpful Training Videos

Below are some helpful training videos for all Umpires